Women  or couples wishing to enter the program can schedule private follow-up sessions to learn how to utilize the system.  Instruction is then provided so clients can either achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or monitor, maintain, and evaluate their health.  All sessions are scheduled on an individual basis within a private environment so as to protect the privacy all clients.  These sessions are essential to facilitate the learning process and allow for specialized instruction for various reproductive categories.

  • Reproductive Categories include: regular cycles, irregular cycles, long cycles, annovulatory states (women who are not ovulating), Infertility, Post-Partum, Post-Pill, Premenopause, etc. 
  • Specialized training is provided to couples having difficulty conceiving
  • Engaged couples who come prior to their wedding are educated on how to incorporate NFP into their married life  (We ask that engaged begin the learning process 4-5 months before their wedding so that they can be adequately trained)            


In order to learn the Creighton Model effectively, each client/couple must sign up for follow-up appointments with a CrMS Practitioner. Follow-up schedule is subject to adjustment according to the individual needs of the client.

·         1st – 2 weeks after Intro

·         2nd – 4 weeks after Intro

·         3rd – 6 weeks after Intro

·         4th – 8 weeks after Intro

·         5th – 3 months after Intro

·         6th – 6 months after Intro

·         7th – 9 months after Intro

·         8th – 12 months after Intro

·         After 1st year, every 6-12 months or as needed.